The DeSantis Family
Christopher, Kathryn, Courtney, Maria, & Michael
Salt Lake City, Utah

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From the Crossroads of the West...

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A few personal notes...


  I live here in Salt Lake with my wife Kathryn, who is a family nurse practitioner.

We have three children: Courtney, Maria, and Michael.

Courtney is 22, was graduated from Skyline High School in Salt Lake, and has attended a year at Snow College in Ephraim, Utah. Courtney is serving a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Samara, Russia.

Maria was graduated from Skyline High School in Salt Lake in January 1999. She is also an artist of exceptional skill:

She plans on doing some modeling work for a few years, but would like a career working with animals.

Michael is in the 8th grade at Churchill Jr. High. He has many interests, and has expressed interest in a number of careers, including drama and writing. Michael is a ferocious reader - two of his favorite authors are J.R.R. Tolkien and R. A. Salvatore. He has attained the level of 1st Gup Red Belt in TaeKwon-Do and is involved in many other activities as well.


We have a cat... she's the sweetest thing you could imagine, but my daughter is convinced that Buffy is possessed, as illustrated in this little sketch: Devil Cat

Oops. Maybe Maria is right... Zuuul!

Family History...

The DeSantis family tree stems back to the village of San Pietro Apostolo in the province of Catanzaro, down in the toe of Italy. I have been working on a project for years to identify all the descendants of the earliest known ancestor. An official SanPietro page (in Italian) can be found here .
I am also interested in meeting anyone who is related to the Paoli family originating in Gioviano , commune of Borgo a Mozzano, province of Lucca.
If you have questions about these lines of the family and/or can provide information which would expand the family trees, please write me at .

My father, Joe DeSantis , had an interesting career...


I am employed full-time as a translation supervisor. I also work as a Freelance Translator .
Italian French German


Please contact me for further information.
Quality technical translation in the fields of Industry, Manufacturing, Data Processing, Agro/Chemistry, Religion, or General Translation .

Some of the friends I have met around the world in the field of
translation can be found at my Lantrans Page. Click here for the archives page of Lantra-L, the mailing list for translators and interpreters.


I am intrigued by languages, and if you are too, a couple of fun sites to check out are

  • The Human Languages Page
  • The Yamada Language Guides Page.
  • Schoenhof's Foreign Bookstore
  • The Agora Language Marketplace

    A great fondness

    (and a short story...)

    One day in New York, around 1969, I had stopped into a local teach tabhairne (tavern) to use the phone, and while there I struck up a conversation with the fear an tí (bartender). The conversation turned to languages, and when I told him that I enjoyed learning them he said to me, " Well, don't learn Gaelic ". You know how it is when someone tells you that you can't do something? That very day I went and found a copy of Teach Yourself Irish by Myles Dillon and Donncha Ó Cróinin.

    Now, the spelling of Irish is so bad they make poems about it:

    The spelling of Erse
    Gets worse and worse!
    They call it Cu Chulainn...,
    [pronounce this koo-HOO-lin]
    No fuchulainn!

    So I didn't make much progress until about 1990, when I discovered an Irish course in my local library system, Cursa Gaeilge by the Linguaphone Institute. That was the "Rosetta Stone" which helped me over the spelling hump, and with the help of that course and a couple of others, notably Teach Yourself Irish by Michael Ó Siadhail, and Buntús Cainte .

    I have since fallen in love with this intriguing language and its intriguing speakers. This summer I fulfilled a lifetime dream to visit Ireland with my family, and spent a week in a cottage in Cill Mocheallóg (Kilmallock). We explored the Dingle peninsula and stopped in the Gaeltacht area of Baile an Fhirtéaraigh (Ballyferriter); nearly fell off the cliffs of Moher; saw Waterford crystal being made; experienced a medieval dinner at Bunratty Castle near Limerick; explored the rock of Cashel; went horseback riding in a brisk Irish rain; attended church meetings in Tralee; kissed the Blarney stone and dined at the Deanery in Cork... I'm afraid all it did was whet my appetite for more. The reality far exceeded the expectation. A blessing on this lovely land and its equally lovely people.

    If you would like to explore with me a beautiful part of our world, a good place to start is here.

    "I bhfad uainn go léir an drochrud agus nár aithní an t-ainspiorad mar bhráthair mé!"
    - Myles na gCopaleen

    More Irish sites:

    How I Get my Kicks

    Check out the home page of the United States TaeKwon-Do Federation , which is affiliated with the International TaeKwon-Do Federation headquartered in Vienna, Austria. It's good for the body and good for the mind.
    For a picture of my instructor, Mr. Dan Kohler, IV Dan, click here .

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